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Sjöland&Thyselius is a consultant company that provides services ranging from advisory roles up to total turn-key systems.

Our ability to solve technologically challenging projects is highly valued among our customers and is one of the main reasons for our success. No matter if you need entire system solutions, business development or technological expertise, we are there to help you.

Expert areas:

• Project Management
• Architecture & Requirement
• Information System
• Systems Development
• Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
• IT Security
• Communication Technologies
• Environment & Safety
• Modelling and Simulation
• Sensors & Signal Processing
• Test, Validation and Evaluation
• Training Solutions

We have delivered turn-key systems in different areas such as flight simulation, communication systems and test facilities. In Turn-Key projects Sjöland&Thyselius provides the entire system design and implementation process from start to finish. This includes setting the scope, identifying solutions, implementing them and finally verifying that all criterias are met.

Our offices are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping, but we help the customer wherever their business is located.

Some of our customers are the Swedish Defence, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Saab, Ericsson and Volvo.


Communication System – PC Dart PC
Dart is used for transmitting, receiving and handling messages over a number of different communication systems; radio and satcom communication, mobile and regular telephone networks.

The system is currently used by the Swedish Armed Forces both in Sweden and abroad. Sjöland&Thyselius were responsible for the entire system development and worked with all stages of the project. Today, 20 years later, Sjöland&Thyselius are still responsible for further development and maintenance of PC Dart.

Flight Trainer - SK60 Flightbook
Sjöland&Thyselius has developed two versions of a training aid for the training aircraft SK 60 (Saab 105), currently in use by the Air Combat Training School in Sweden. The flight trainer is equipped with a dome simulator together with a SK 60 cockpit but is also implemented for use with an ordinary laptop. The trainer is based on flexible hardware and software technology easily adapted to other aircraft and platforms.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
Consultants at Sjöland&Thyselius where able to improve the training of operators, technicians and military units in their operation and maintenance of vehicle systems. Their training became more appropriate for their different specializations and also more cost effective training solutions where implemented.

Test Facilites – Rocket Engine Test Stand
Sjöland&Thyselius has developed and delivered a test chamber and ejector pump system for testing of rocket engines under space conditions. This unique facility is the only known “Green Rocket Engine Test Facility” for storable propellants. The system design minimise the emissions ths makes it more environmental friendly. The customer ECAPS/Swedish Space Cooperation appreciates the cost effective operations of the facility.

Software Development – FmP
FmP (Field measurement Program) is developed to be used in field measurement calculations. Due to the transition from proprietary hand-held field measurement calculators to PC based computer environments in the Swedish Armed Forces, the need for an up-to-date version of a field measurement program emerged.

Sjöland&Thyselius provided the solution and developed FmP to operate in a Microsoft Windows environment. The project was carried out in-house at Sjöland&Thyselius’ Development Center in Stockholm.

Technical Business Development
We have experience from leading and quality assuring projects with different kinds of partners from universities, authorities and private stakeholders, both national and international.

HeERO – Harmonised eCall European Pilot
HeERO addresses the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call service "eCall" based on 112, the common European Emergency number. For three years, nine European countries have carried out a pre-deployment pilot for an interoperable and harmonised in-vehicle emergency call system.
The HeERO consortium has been testing and validating in real conditions pilots the common European eCall standards defined and approved by the European Standardisation Bodies. The project is partially funded by the European Commission under the ICT PSP programme. We have on behalf of Lindholmen Science Park managed the Swedish pilot during the three year project.